A healthier, happier and more productive workforce

WellAware Wellness Sprint. Increases the health literacy of your workforce, fast.

Watch your team’s health literacy increase in just a few weeks with WellAware Wellness Sprints.

Each week, they will learn about a key health priority specific to them, and how they can become more aware and better prevent risk factors.

WellAware Always On.
Everyday support, all year round.

Get your team a full picture of their health with WellAware Always On.

We prioritise the top chronic conditions, specific to them and highlight how they can better understand and apply prevention ideas to reduce their risk and lead a longer healthier life.

We populate their calendar with checkups, alerts and guide them on what tests the leading health organisations recommend they have.

WellAware Launchpad.
The health dashboard for your team.

Get a real time overview of your team’s engagement and for the first time, a macro view of health priorities across your workforce.

  • Overview of de-identified user engagement

  • List the biggest health priorities across the business

  • Send general or specifically curated messages to your team with ease via your exclusive Launchpad communications portal (email, in app email, SMS & push notifications)

  • Library of content, tools and resources to action against each health priority

Backed by science

Our AWARE Algorithm is powered by health data from the industry’s most trusted sources. All our content comes from leading health organisations. We have simply packaged it up into engaging, bitesize chunks anyone can learn from.


Chronic disease impacts the business through line.

  • One in two Australians are affected by chronic disease.
  • When a team member is directly or indirectly affected by chronic disease, it impacts team moral, productivity, and ultimately performance.
  • Increasing the health literacy will be the beginning of changing this devastating impact.

Making a difference starts with Australian organisations like yours.

  • Affordable and flexible products to suit any organisation.
  • Easy to embed, engage and measure.
  • Builds a culture of care in your organisation.

Easy onboarding for you and your organisation

Setup your personal health dashboard in under 2 minutes.
Discover your personal health priorities.
Begin your journey to a longer healthier life with prevention.

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