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Our platform helps you understand and action your specific health priorities, and gives you all the tools, insights and content to manage the steps you need to take to a healthier life.


Backed by science

Our AWARE Algorithm is powered by health data from the industry’s most trusted sources. All our content comes from leading health organisations. We have simply packaged it up into engaging, bitesize chunks anyone can learn from.


Australia's biggest killer

  • Approximately 158,000 Australians die every year
  • Chronic conditions contribute to up to 89% of these deaths
  • In many cases, up to 70% could have been prevented
  • 92.3% of Australians have only an adequate or less than adequate health literacy score

With WellAware, together we can save lives

  • Personalised health content
  • Easy and engaging missions
  • Build a more meaningful relationship with your GP

Easy onboarding for you and your organisation

  • Setup your personal health dashboard in under 2 minutes
  • Discover your personal health priorities
  • Begin your journey to a longer healthier life

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